Monday, August 9, 2010

Watching Grass Grow

Summer School was over early last week. Fall class doesn't start until next week. And I'm in Starkville, just filling time with anything I can come up with.

1. Moved my furniture into my apartment- dealing with the mustard yellow walls.
2. Read The Help- loved it.
3. Organized Children's books on the bookshelf :)
4. Painted toenails- Dim Sum Plum
5. Made Homemade Pizza
6. Re-potted plants
7. Went to a Rehearsal Dinner with Luke
8. Ran into Marathon Makeover Runners Sat. Morning
9. Made friends with our new cat, Eliza (Doolittle)
10. Hung a picture collage in bedroom

Homemade Pizza is SO much better than store bought.
-two packages Great Value pizza dough- just add water
-small can tomato sauce
-pizza seasoning
-turkey peperoni
-mozzarella cheese
-fresh tomatoes
-whatever other toppings you desire!

This is such a quick and easy recipe! Yummy too!

Tomorrow's Project:
- getting copies of old pictures I found in our attic of my parents when they were dating! Anniversary gift?

Happy Birthday to my brother Benton! I Love you so much, little brother! I'm excited about us being in Starkville together this year.

Later Tater! :)

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