Monday, August 16, 2010

The Working World

I'm sitting now in the MSU athletic office...actually in MY office, with a view! My own computer, nice big desk, and a wall of windows looking out over the lake. (It's not technically my office, but will be until a position is filled and shifts me to the cubicle.) :)

I started my new GA job today and I think it is going to be so much fun! I have been here since 10 this morning, and this is now 5pm, so my four hour work day has turned into seven! But I love it!

My cousin Steven, who found this great job for me, works in the same office, and was so sweet to drag me around this morning so meet what seemed like the entire campus faculty, though it was only a small portion! I am quite overwhelmed, but everyone is SO sweet and hilarious! It's a great atmosphere! (I got to see the football team working out and saw Coach Dan and lots of other cool people!)
Blah blah many details... I'm just bored now because my boss is in a meeting and I don't have anything to do!

My job is to basically be a personal assistant to my boss, who is great. I get to walk around with a calendar and clipboard and make sure that she makes it to all her meetings and all the events get planned! What fun!

This makes me ready for school to start and for football season! Go Dawgs!

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