Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bucket Listing...

While I'm in Grad School and have a good amount of free-time, (hopefully!), I decided that it is time to cross something off my Bucket List: A Full Marathon. Yikes. This is somethings I've wanted to do for about a year and this next week begins the official 18-week training program. Pumped I am, yes!

Last December, my sweet friend Kate and I trained for and ran the St. Jude Half Marathon in Memphis, which was THE most fun thing I have EVER done in my life! I giggled the whole 2+ hours! Since then, I have run two other Halfs, and now I know it's time for the full!

My mom thinks this is unnecessary wear and tear on my body, (and she might be right), but I only want to do this once so I can cross it off my Life List!

Blogging about this event makes it official, which is why I'm sharing this! I'll keep you updated on my training for the next four+ months! yay!

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