Thursday, August 19, 2010


Sometimes, The Lord closes a window in our lives so that He can open a new door for us to look out. It may not be pleasant to close the window, but when we can finally look out of the new door that He has opened for us, we realize the wonderful reason why He was longing us to look at a new view.

For a while now, I've been looking out one window in "my house," enjoying the view of wildflowers and dandelions. I've had some wonderful laughs and memories from this window, but The Lord helped me to realize that it was time for me to take a look from another door: The front door of "my house." How is it that I've been missing this view for so long?

I had become so distracted by the beautiful view from the window, that I forgot to be experiencing life from my front door, the place that The Lord has been longing for me to return to. What a blessing that He closed the side window to bring me back to the center of my world, my relationship with Christ.

I'm so excited to be looking out the front door, helping My Savior work in the flower beds and pull up the weeds that have collected in my life. What a Great Friend He is to take this special time with me, working in the dirt, to create a more beautiful expression of His glory through my life.


  1. this made my cry. So thankful for you. I love you with all of my heart. thank you for being so wonderful.

  2. Beautiful illustration, Larla. I'm so thankful for you, too.