Thursday, July 21, 2011

Holy! Holy! Holy!

Good Morning! I wanted to share these precious videos from VBS with you! The first one is from the English Listening and Speaking class with Patty. The oldest group (12-15yrs) learned this song, with Moose from Florida playing the guitar. I can't tell you what a worshipful experience it was to hear these kids singing to Jesus! God is so good.

This second video is of my 5-6 year old class singing the same song with Moose. They don't understand all of the words, but they know that God is HOLY! Some of them are singing from the heart! :)

I hope that you can rest today knowing that God is HOLY...and that's all we need to know. God knows exactly what He is doing, no matter if it's in Tupelo or Macas. What a peace that brings! I pray that He opens the eyes of these hearts so that they can see Him "High and Lifted Up, shining in the Light of His Glory!" That is why we're all here, right? 

Love to you from an early morning in Macas!


  1. Beautiful. Resting in His holiness and sovereignty is all we need! Why do I try to make it more complicated some times?! love you!

  2. So precious! He is Holy. Thanks for that reminder. Also... Loving that little one in the AU shirt! :) War Eagle. :)