Friday, February 25, 2011

Right where these feet are

I'm in grad school, smothered with midterms, grammar rules, science projects, and meetings. I am longing for the next phase of life, free of school. A warm summer, and then leaving to spend a year in Macas teaching children and sharing my faith. How can I help it? :)

But...The Lord says, "Little Laura, you are in Starkville for a purpose...find it and!" To bring joy, encourage, reach out, be discipled, be stretched, and grow closer to Him, for today.

The thing is, there will always be something in life to look ahead toward, something to distract our eyes from the "today" where God has planted us.

I like the way Ann Voscamp says it...

"The only place I can ever be alive is right here.
Right where these feet are is the only place joy will ever be possible."

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  1. I remember feeling this exact same way my last semester. And the Lord just kept saying, "Savor right now." That post from AV is my favorite. love you!