Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Downfall Desserts

I had a fat-girl moment at 3:00 am last night in the middle of the night. My growling tummy woke me up and demanded that all it would accept was a bite of the gooey brownie from the pan downstairs. Really? Dessert in the middle of the night? I snuck down stairs in my PJs, got a fork, and dug in. All the time laughing at the sight of myself, hiding in the kitchen, sneaking the self-forbidden bites of brownie.

As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out. Tummy satisfied. Such a fat-girl moment that I wanted to share with all you "sweet-tooth kindred spirits" out there. :)

I've been practicing skype, ichat, and gchat with my roommates lately to prepare for my time in Ecuador! Come find me so I don't have to run to the other room to pretend-chat with someone in my apartment, though it's quite entertaining, Dianna and Katye!


  1. best first sentence of a blog post. ever. ha! those brownies are a true Loftin downfall.

    and I would totally skype with you, but my computer is ancient which equals no camera or microphone. boo. i'm going to have to invest in that set-up because i have to talk to you while you are away! love you!

  2. made blonde brownies at 11:45 a few nights ago because i needed raw dough so badly....girl moments for sure!!