Monday, July 12, 2010


Laurie Parker, Mississippian Author, has a great book: The Sweet Dreams Book. My Mom gave me a signed copy for Christmas this past year, and it was instantly one of my very favorites!

I wanted to share it with you as a delightful bedtime tradition someday! :)

"This is a book you should read before bed
To put hints for beautiful dreams in your head.
these lullaby wishes will help you to keep
A smile on your face as you're falling asleep."

"Have dreams about soap bubbles, carousels, swans,
Cute majorettes twirling sparkly batons,
Jingle bells ringing on reindeer that fly,
And billions and jillions of stars in the sky."

"And when the stars fade with the coming of dawn
And finally you wake and the night dreams are gone
Greet the birds singing and welcome the sun,
The people you know and the day just begun.

Your life will hold just as much wonder as dreams
As soon as you realize it's not what it seems.
The world's a dream also; it's God's dream, you see.
He dreamed it for you and He dreamed it for me.

...and that is the sweetest of dreams there could be."

The End

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