Thursday, November 3, 2011

Papi y Abuelita in Macas!

What a blessing to have Dad come to Macas! And although he was trying to surprise me by bringing G'mama Loftin, the cat was out of the bag about her coming too! (Thanks to cousin Rachael! :) )

After a night in Quito, they were scheduled to fly into Macas on Thursday afternoon, but because of cloudy, rainy weather in Macas, their plane had to turn around and go back to Quito! They were only 2 minutes away from landing in Macas! This was a huge disappointment, especially for them, because the high altitude in Quito was a strain on them.  

They took the afternoon flight to Macas on Friday and made it just fine...we all greeted with sweet tears and strong hugs. After settling in at my apartment, we went for dinner, got Dad checked into his hotel (conveniently located above the Ice Cream Shop) and got a good night's sleep!

On Saturday morning, we loaded the public bus and headed north to Shell, the city where Jim Elliott and Nate Saint, missionaries to the Waorani Tribe, lived. 

The HCJB Guest house where we stayed! 

Beautiful jungle/mountains

Trying to get relaxed...

Waorani woven hammock on the porch...perfect breeze

Enjoying reading and looking at pictures about the history of the missionary hospital and mission.

Getting ready for a possibly rainy walk to the grocery store..

And then we arrive at this...I had forgotten about this bridge from when I was here 3 years ago with Elena and Eric and Lacey Perkins...but quickly remembered how scary it is!

The City of Shell

The Hospital Vozandes- run by HCJB. All the doctors are volunteers, mostly from the U.S. and Canada.

Walking back across the shaky bridge...

Dinner at El Jardin in Puyo

Touring the Nate Saint School for missionary children--when I was here 3 years ago with The Perkins, The Lord first put the thought in my heart about coming to teach in Ecuador!

Nate Saint's home (newly remodeled) 

Signing the guest book in the Saint's kitchen..

Dad learning about Waorani spears

One of the original baskets the missionaries used to drop gifts from the plane to the Waorani tribe!

MORE pictures to come!!

This only gets you through Sunday! I just took Dad and G'mama to the airport to get on a bus that the airline provided for them when they cancelled their flight (again!) for plane maintenance. They are getting to see the beautiful countriside/mountainside of Ecuador though! Pray for their safety on the way and getting on the flight tomorrow morning early in Quito. It's so hard to say goodbye to family!! :) 

My Ecuadorian roommates and I are headed to a city 6 hours away called Cuenca for the school until next week! We have a 7 hour bus ride ahead of us, but I hear that the city of Cuenca is worth it!

Thank you all for your prayers and sweet words!

Much love from Macas,


  1. Ohhh what a sweet time!!! I know that was SO special LAU!! Miss you so much... I love keeping up with you through here though... keep up the posts... AND PICTURES!!!


  2. What beautiful pictures! I love keeping up and seeing what you get to see! I also have to say that many memories came rushing back when I saw the picture with your perfectly (as always) polished toenails in, I'm sure, some quirky named O.P.I. polish... oh good times. Miss you!!