Sunday, November 6, 2011

Papi y Abuelita continued...

Continuing our tour of the Nate Saint home, these are some of the artifacts we were able to see and learn about!

LIFE magazine with the story of the 5 missionaries who were killed by the Waorani tribe, who later came to know Christ from the service of the other family members.

Dad and G'mama reading...

Love my Daddy.

That afternoon, Dad and I went exploring the nearby town of Puyo. These men were chopping sugar cane to sell from these road-side vendors.

The Bus Terminal, which is normally crowded with 20 people, where I bought our bus tickets. Aggressiveness isn't an option. :)

Ready to board the bus to go back to Macas!

That night, a friend came by the apt with his can only imagine what Dad did...

He road around the block to "prove himself"

Then took me with him!

The next day, after coming to my morning classes, Dad went with Miguel to a motocross track and played around!

They road around Macas and saw some beautiful sights!

Even drove up the Kilamo mountain to see the whole view of the city!

Dad and Miguel, coming to pick me up from school after lunch!

Dad's a pretty good driver!!

On Wednesday afternoon, Dad and G'mama left for Quito on a private van, after their flight was cancelled. After about 7 hours seeing the beautiful scenery of Ecuador, they made it to their hotel in Quito, slept a few hours, and got on a plane to come home! 

I am so thankful for such a wonderful visit from sweet family. It is such a blessing and The Lord's timing is so perfect. The Lord knew that my G'mama especially would need a "buffer time" after G'Daddy passed away and so, he postponed Dad's trip to visit me so that she would be able to come with him. What a beautiful thing! Even the difficult passing of my G'daddy was used for something beautiful! God is so good, isn't He?!

I am daily reminded that His ways are much higher than my own. Thank you Lord that You know much better than we do what is best.

Much love from Macas!

All for The Kingdom,

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  1. Loved hearing the details of their trip! With G'mama being sick, I haven't gotten to talk to her about it as much as I wanted to. Your dad on the moto is so typical! Can't believe you rode with him! How fun! love you!