Sunday, August 7, 2011

Life Lately...

Things have slowed down considerably since the end of VBS, so I've had time to settle in and "get to know" Macas a little better!

I found this river two blocks East of my apartment while running one afternoon...It just took my breath away! What a great, marvelous Creator we have! I've never been reminded so often of His Glory as I have living in Ecuador because He continues to show me scenes like this everyday. It's a beautiful, daily reminder that He is here, always near. From the strong, rushing the fragile flowers that spring up beside the road...He knows it all! How much more must he look after his own children? (Matthew 6)

I've been working at school this week, planning for the school year which starts Sept 5th. I am ready for the student to arrive! Saturday morning, I went with a friend, Andrea, to a small town outside of Macas called Rio Blanco to help with a Sunday school type bible lesson for the group of kids that come each week. The area is really poor and the kids were hungry for love. What a blessing to sing praise songs to Jesus with them and listen to a Bible story. Praise Him that an 11 year old girl accepted Christ that day!!!

Please be in prayer for this young girl as she grows in her relationship with Christ and for the other children and families in Rio Blanco to be hungry to hear about Christ. Also, our school is looking for one more English teacher for the middle grades for this year. Pray that The Lord provides just the right person He wants to reach out to these children.

This morning in church, a familiar tune, with words in Spanish, was a beautiful time of worship. Cuan grande es El...How Great is He, or How Great Thou art. Even more beautiful to worship in another language.

Love to you from Macas!

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