Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It was probably the most painful, difficult thing I've ever done, but gosh...I'd do it again in a heartbeat. It was awesome!

Were it not for my dear friend, Kate, my running buddy living in Texas, I wouldn't have made it. So thankful for her encouragement and friendship!

After 25 and a half grueling miles, the man at the corner yells, "26 at the top of the hill! You're so close!" All I remember about those last 2 tenths of a mile is lots of cheering, a huge grin, and giggling the whole way to the finish line! Ah! That feeling of sprinting over the finish line after 5 and a half hours was indescribable. Glorious!

I cried and laughed at the end, saw lots of sweet sweet friends, and then slowly shuffled to the car. Grandaddy Loftin, who you just need to meet, later asked if I'd like to borrow his walker. Said it seemed like I needed it more than he did! :)

What a day. Let's do it again soon!! But not really soon.

There are lots more applications for this moment in my life, but I'll just save those for a later post.

Hooray for the end of the semester/exams and the coming CHRISTmas holidays!


  1. I know I said it on fb, but I am SO proud of you!! I can't even begin to think about doing that! And Granddaddy's comment is priceless. I love our family!