Sunday, November 7, 2010

His Ways

Well, please excuse the lack of blogging in the past, oh...month!
I've been simply snowed under with:
- Grad School reading, papers, and projects
- Learning new things in the Athletic Dept
- Training for a marathon (which I'm super excited about!)
- Taking care of Baxter, the puppy
- And reading when I can squeeze it in!

In the midst of all this busyness, I've been especially praying about the next year of my life, and where The Lord wants me to be. For almost three months, I've been praying about going to South America to use my passion for 1. Teaching 2. Spanish 3. Children, to serve The Lord and be His "poetic expression," in the words of our Pastor at FBC Starkville.

This weekend, I was able to talk to the missionaries, Robin and Wendy Gutierrez, who run a school in Macas, Ecuador, and are in need of an English Teacher. After talking with them for two hours, I had such a sense of peace, knowing this was where The Lord wanted me to be. Looking back, I can see that He's been preparing my heart for this for many years. What a cool thing to see His plan and know why He allowed things to occur for my growth toward something greater than myself. His ways are much higher than my ways.

I'll be leaving at the end of June and staying a full year, and after that...who knows!! I have lots more details about the school and city, but I'd better save those for another post! If you want to check out the school website, click here:

Thanks for your prayers and love!



  1. oh, Laura. How happy and excited I am for you! You are such an encouragement to me, and I know you are going to be a blessing in Ecuador. love you!

  2. LA-OO-RA en Ecuador!! perfectly placed, perfectly timed, perfectly prepared to be right where you are and right where you're going.