Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Corn Silkin'

I'm taking a class in the Graduate program for Education called "The Teaching of Writing." It's a fabulous class. We are encouraged to dig deep and to laugh, sharing our writing ideas with our small class of 7 girls. It's delightful. I've learned so much about the people around me by listening and responding to their writing.

Today, we wrote Free Verse Poetry.
Thought I'd share mine with you. Still open to changes...


A small load this time,
It was muggy in the garage,
even with the two fans
Granmama came to help
she’s the professional corn silker.”
been putting up corn
every year since she was 7.
That’s 81 years of corn silkin!

I am also named a silker
because it requires lots of patience
Maybe I got it from Gmama.
Mom has to deal with shucking
Because she doesn’t take her time.

At 88, Granmama moves slower
But she’s still the same
She soaks up the sweet time
Being covered in corn silks
Knowing its precious time
Laughing with her loved ones

When I’m 88
I hope to still be the silker,
Taking life slowly,
One silk at a time,
Relishing in the sweet life.


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